New Date of the Fossil Show 2020

Date of the Fossil Show 2020 is the 04. and 05. April 2020.

Please note that the Date of the Fossil Show “Fossilien Boese” has Changed.

The Fossil Show 2020 will now be the 4th & 5th April 2020. The Fossils event known as “Fossilien Boerse” is therefore one weekend later that initially announced. The Show date is now the first Weekend in April.

New date of the Fossil Show 2020.

Why a new date for the “Fossilien Boerse” Fossils Show 2020?

So why we have a new date for the show for fossil in 2020? The change of the date was necessary due constructional reasons during the ongoing renovation of the new Filderhalle. Unfortunately, these works could not be otherwise planed or would lead to problems in numerous follow up events at out event location. For more details we refer here to the official statement, see the attachment.

We and the team of the Filderhalle neither hope to nor cause any inconvenience. Together we discussed numerous options. Especcially Mr Jakoby, the CEO of the Filderhalle explored varios options that might let us keep the initial date of the show. But none of these option would have provided us sufficient planning security for our fossil event in 2020. We had even considered to relocate the show to a other location. But we don’t want to miss the experience and the professional environment of the Filderhalle location. In addition, the Filderhalle offers good traffic accessibility and sufficient parking.

The decision to change the date of the “Fossilien Boerse” Fossil Show 2020 was not easy for us. Nevertheless, we consider it the best solution to postpone the event by one week. Better to plan now early ahead than be sorry in short before the event. Right now everybody has a good chance to plan and adjust accordantly. So we are sure that will have our trade fair for fossils smoothly and easy as usual.

Of course, all vouchers remain valid for the reduced entry fee. Just the date of Fossils show has chanced.

We think that changed date of the fair is the best solution here. We look forward to a wonderfull fossil event on 04. – 05.4.2020 in the premises of the Fildehalle in Leinfelden Echterdingen.

The “Fossilien Boerse” Fossil show is the event for fossil collectors and those interested in paleontology and the history of life. Therefore, we want to announce the fair date as soon as possible.

Official Statement for now Date of the Fossilshow 2020

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