Assembly and dismantling times

On the Fossil Show “Fossilien Boerse”

Attention at assembly and dismantling of the Fossilien Boerse near Stuttgart For the unloading and loading are mutual consideration and prudence the top priority. assembly and dismantling - Attention on the Fossilien Boerse near Stuttgart

Unloading and build up on Friday

You can start to unload of your vehicle from 17:00 h on the Friday. Maybe there are at this time not all tables available but you can already move you stock in. We recommend that exhibitors with a large stand and lot of material may start early at 17h to unload there trucks first. Exhibitors with few tables arriving with there car may start unloading from 17:30h. We believe that by than the most trucks are already unloaded. On Saturday Morning the Location is opened for exhibitors from 8:00h

Dismantling and loading on Sunday.

The dismantling is planed from 16:00h after the show. We recommend that you first dismantling your stand and get every thing ready before you go for your vehicle. At the build down should load exhibitors with cars first. If you have more table space you usually need a longer to prepare your inventory for the loading. The most smaller exhibitors should have finished loading by now and you have space for your Truck.