Activities on the Fossil Show

This awaits you on the Fossils show.

On an area of ​​approximately 2000 m², you will find a unique assortment of fossils,  palaeontological equipment and literature, which is unique in Europe. This event is  likely largest fossils only trade show in Europe. Another special focus is on palaeontological expert advice and help of the determination of fossil finds. A whole team of experts is willing to held you with the interpretation of your fossil finds.

Here is a overview of the activities of the partners of the Fossil Show “Fossilien Boerse”:

Museum of Natural History Stuttgart

The State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart

The qualified  experts of National History Museum of Stuttgart offer you help and advice with fossil determination and interpretation. They will inform you about current news and science projects, you can also buy palaeontological literature directly from there table.

Steinkern - The Fossil Community Steinkern - the Jornal for fossil collertors – The Fossil Community

The internet Community, wich also publish the hobby palaeontologist journal “Der Steinkern” is traditionally present at the Fossils Show. In addition to fossils you can also optain the German journal “Der Steinkern” what recently has been published in the 28th issue. This journal covers a wide palaeontological thematic spectrum, including fossil sites and fossil preparation. The series “Der Steinkern” (German for stone core means internal cast of a fossil) is made by collectors of fossils for fossil collectors. Questions about Steinkern or the collecting of fossils or ideas for cooperation can be discussed here. The Steinkern community looks forward to your visit!

Palges - The German Palaeontological Society

The German Palaeontological Society

The Palaeontological Society is supporting and promoting palaeontological research and science for more than 100 years. The exchange between professional and hobby paleontologists is particularly promoted. Everyone can become a member and can participate in the adventure of Palaeontology. At the Palaeontological Society’s booth on the Fossilien Boerse you will find further information on the society and its publications along with expertise and advice. The Paleontological Magazine „Paläontologische Zeitschrift“ appears with four books per year.

Stuttgarter Mineralien- und Fossilienfreunde e.V.

Stuttgarter Mineralien- und Fossilienfreunde e.V.

The Club of “Minerals and Fossil friends Stuttgart” present you live how a fossil is prepared. Witness how a millions of year old fossil will be extracted from the surrounding rock. The preparation demonstration including the careful needle preparation of fossils from the lithographic limestone of Solnhofen. The Air braise preparation of fossils and the demonstration of pneumatic tools to remove the rock around the fossil. The Club is also host of the traditional Stuttgart autumn show for Minerals, fossils and precious stones.

The Aathal Dinosaur Museum

The Aathal Dinosaur Museum

On Saturday the Palaeontological Society will be accompanied by the Sauriermuseum Aathal from Switzerland.  The Sauriermuseum Aathal (Aathal Dinosaur Museum) has been around for more than 20 years: be surprised by the extensive exhibits and the countless activities Here you will find information about the Sauriermuseum Aathal.


Fossil consulting at the Studio1

These special fossil activates are located in stage in the main hall.

Stage section of the Fossil show in the Kubino

Therefore is this paleontological event known as “Fosslien Boerse” the perfect place to exchange and gain knowledge about fossils.  You can meet colleagues and collector friends. Or get independent and qualified advice. Furthermore the Fossil show is a perfect place to get your find identified.
Together with the exhibitors at the other areas of the show you have a extremely broad base of knowledge available.