Uncertain date of the Fossil Show “Fossilien Boerse 2021”.

Fossil Show event “Fossilien Boerse 2021” Uncertain .

Will there still be a fossil show event in 2021?

We certainly hope that this year we will be able to organize a show for fossils again.

The fossil show was planned for April 10th & 11th, 2021.

This date has been in the preliminary planning for a year.

Despite the opening debate, the current development of the pandemic leaves far less room than hoped.

From the current perspective, a complete opening of the lockdown for the Easter holidays is rather unlikely.

No planning security and many unanswered questions for our Fossil Show 2021.

This has been the new normal in the cultural and event sector for over a year.

No planning  of fossil events possibile at this time.

It is still completely unclear which requirements will come when trade fairs are possible again. There will certainly be a mask requirement.

  • There will certainly be a mask requirement.
  • Will negative corona tests be mandatory for the participants in the Fossil Show event ? *
  • How will data processing according to the Corona Regulation be regulated this year?
  • How many participants are admitted per square meter?
  • How will are quartile regulation and travel restrictions affecting our event ?

* (https://www.bundestag.de/resource/blob/803630/25a0b74afdbcb0d7bcec045e34910d39/WD-7-107-20-pdf-data.pdf)

Already last year we all had to live without the main fossil event of the year.

The Fossil show is more than just a fossil fair. We realised this even more by now.

That is why we tried everything in 2020 to make this fossil culture event possible. The rule date 2020 coincided with the time of the first lockdown.

And just in time for the alternative date, the second lockdown followed after the summer months.

As much as we look forward to seeing our collectors, dealers and scientists again: From the current perspective is a Fossil Show 2021 unlikely.

We will still try to make a fossil show possible.

However, this must also be practicable and, above all, safe for everyone involved.

Show for Fossils 2020 cancelled.

Show for Fossils 2020

No Show for Fossils “Fossilien Boerse” in 2020:

There will be no Show for Fossils this year at Leinfelden-Echterdingen .
In face of the current developments, this is certainly not unexpected.
The Covid-19 pandemic has recently gained significant momentum again. Even more than it was the case just a few weeks ago.
More and more regions are currently classified as Corona hotspot areas. The Esslingen district and therefore also Leinfelden-Echterdingen have been a corona risk area since a few days.
There is currently a risk of travel restrictions, quarantine obligations and accommodation bans.
Even before the current escalation, the conditions and requirements for holding a fossil show event had to be described as at least challenging.
With the current social distancing rules alone, the exhibitors alone would have made up already about half of the permitted participants of such event. In other words, roughly only one visitor would have been allowed per exhibitor.

Please also note the current Corona regulation of the state of Baden-Württemberg. https://www.baden-wuerttemberg.de/de/service/aktuelle-infos-zu-corona/aktuelle-corona-verordnung-des-landes-baden-wuerttemberg/

We are therefore of the opinion that a Show for Fossils is currently neither organizationally nor economically feasible. It would also be irresponsible in view of the current context. We all have looked forward to meet up again at the Fossilien Boerse 2020 and therefore regret this development. So we should look forward for the show for fossils 2021 known as Fossilien Boerse.

Show date for the “Fossilien Boerse 2021” :

The next fossils show known as “Fossilien Boerse” is planned for April 9-11, 2021.
Together with the Location Filderhalle Leinfelden-Echterdingen we are trying to plan as well and safely as possible. Of course, this planning also focuses on safe distance and hygiene concepts for a fossil Event.
At this point we will inform you about the further development here.

The expected date for the next fossil fair “Fossilien Boerse” is on April 9-11, 2020.

Will there be a trade show for fossils in 2020?

Maybe there will be a trade show for fossils on November 28th, 2020.
It will soon be seen whether an fossils event of this kind is even feasible this year. And whether such a fossil collector show makes sense at all remains to be seen. As we observe the current development of the Pandemic. Nevertheless, public events such as conferences and smaller trade fairs as well as flea markets are possible in Baden Württemberg under certain conditions. Further easing of regulations is almost certain not to be expected by the end of October. We cannot expect a return to normal life any time soon.

Possible Show for Fossils in 2020.
On the 28.11.2020.

A possible Show for Fossils on 28.11.2020.

At the moment we are carefully and cautiously examining the requirements for a fossil show on November 28th this year together with the team of Filderhalle.
We do not want to spread excessive optimism at this point.
At this time we are only trying to develop a workable and sustainable concept. Another aspect is the financial representability of such a event for fossils. It just makes little sense to plan such an event without significantly reducing the costs for everyone involved. Limitations are defiantly to be expected by us. All of these requirements are special challenges for our planning.

The situation is still as dynamic as it was at the beginning of this year.
Therefore we only have an idea and a date for you at the moment.

We will keep you here informed about the current development of the Fossilshow.

Petition for better laws on palaeontological Objects (Fossils) on Steinkern.de

Here is a other topic that should matter to all friends of fossils.

Steinkern.de Novellierung der paläontologischen Denkmalschutzgesetzgebung in Nordrhein-Westfalen

We would be delighted if you visit Steinkern.de and may draw the proposal to improve the palaeontological objects protection legislation in North Rhine-Westphalia. This topic is impotent for all of us. So please take just 5 minutes of your time to give your support in this matter. You may just use a on-line translation tool.

The deadline was the 15.09.2020

Fossil and mineral show in the Urzeithof, Stolpe on July 12th. 2020

On July 12th, 2020, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., a mineral and fossil collectors’ exchange will take place in the Urzeithof.

Banner Urzeithof

The event takes place for the first time this year on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the museum and is free of charge for visitors to the exchange. However, a maximum of 250 people may attend the event at the same time. Despite Corona, this openair mineral and fossil fair in the north almost creates a feeling of St. Marie.

The Musseum and Café “Urzeithof”.
The Musseum and Café “Urzeithof”.

We hope that many more events of this kind will follow.

The Fossil Show 2020 in not in Summer.

Fossilien Boerse, the Fossil Show 2020 is not in the summer.
The Fossil Show 2020 in not in Summer.

The Fossil Show will not take place on on June 13 + 14, 2020.
At this time we don’t have a new date.
The current development of the Corvid-19 situation does not allow the summer date. This is not surprising, of course.
However at the time of planning that event date for the June, there were fewer than 1,000 cases in Germany. The dynamic of the situation requires flexibility.

We are currently examining further planning for the show and the future of the fossil show.

So please keep visit our website regularity for updates on the Fossil show.

New Fossil Show date in Summer for the “Fossilien-Boerse” on June 13-14, 2020.

We are pleased to announce the new fossil show date of the Fossilien-Börse 2020. So the show for fossils is now on the 13.-14.06.2020.

New Fossil Show date in Summer 2020 on the June 13-14, 2020.
New Fossil Show date.

The fossil show is now from the 13 + 14. June 2020 postponed.

Our trade fair for fossils will take place for the first time in summer of this year due to the current circumstances. The second weekend in June offers some advantages.
The Pentecost holidays of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria end this weekend. And the summer vacation mostly begins two weeks later.
There are also very few other mineral and fossil fairs taking place on this date.
In addition, one can be confident that the situation has been to a certain degree normalized somewhat on that date.

We are therefore looking forward to meeting you on June 13th and June 14th, 2020 at the Fossil Show in the Filderhalle.

Please keep checking the Fossilien-Boerse News Page regularity for any updates.

The Show Date 04th – 5th April official canceled.

As of today we have received the official event date cancellation.

The Fossils Show 2020 therefore unfortunately cannot take place on April 4th – 5th.

The Show Date 04th - 5th April official Canceled

As soon as we have binding information in this exceptional situation, we will inform you here.
The exhibitors will then be informed directly in any case.

Further information on the general situation: https://www.bundesgesundheitsministerium.de/fileadmin/Dateien/3_Downloads/C/Coronavirus/Merkblatt-Bildungseinrichtungen-Coronavirus__EN.pdf

The Fossil Show “Fossilien-Boerse” 2020 is not canceled.

The Fossil Show “Fossilien-Boerse” 2020 is not jet canceled.

Update: 20.03.2020:

We are pleased to announce the new fossil show date of the Fossilien-Börse 2020.

 New Fossil Show date in Summer for the "Fossilien-Boerse" on June 13-14, 2020.
New Fossil Show date.

Update: 13.03.2020:

On Friday the 13.03. Prime Minister Wilfried Kretschmann announced the ban on all public events with more than 100 people in closed rooms.
At this time, the planned date of the fossil exchange on 04. – 05. April 2020 seems unlikely.

Unfortunately we have not yet received any official statements at this time.
Please plan accordantly.

Update: 12.03.2020:

At the current time the event hat not officially been annulated.
Of course, rescheduling the Fossil show event date has become much more likely recently.
Please check the homepage regularity for more news.
In the case of a cancellation, all exhibitors will of course also be informed directly.

The Fossil Show 2020 as planned

Fossil Show “Fossilien-Boerse” 2020 is not canceled. - Keep calm and carry On.

According to the current status, the fossil show is planned for April 4th and 5th, 2020. So far, the authorities have not banned the event.
Of course, we and the Location “Filderhalle” take the Corona issue seriously. But with the Filderhalle we have a competent partner with whom we can plan accordingly. Should the situation change, we will of course inform you immediately on our homepage.
If the fossil exchange does not take place on the scheduled date, we will postpone the event to a later date.
So far we have been striving for the planned date on the first weekend of April.

And as there is still some time to the event date we inclined to “keep calm and carry on”.

New Date of the Fossil Show 2020

Attention: The show for fossils is now on the 13.-14.06.2020.

New date in June 2020
New Fossilshow Date is now 13.-14.06.2020.

Date of the Fossil Show 2020 is the 04. and 05. April 2020.

Please note that the Date of the Fossil Show “Fossilien Boese” has Changed.

The Fossil Show 2020 will now be the 4th & 5th April 2020. This Fossils event that is known as “Fossilien Boerse” is therefore one weekend later than initially announced. The now Show date is the first weekend in April.

New Fossil Show date in Summer for the "Fossilien-Boerse" on June 13-14, 2020.

Why a new date for the “Fossilien Boerse” Fossils Show 2020?

So why we have a new date for the show for fossil in 2020? The change of the date was necessary due constructional reasons during the ongoing renovation of the new Filderhalle. Unfortunately, these works could not be otherwise planed or would lead to problems in numerous follow up events at our event location. For more details we refer here to the official statement, in the the attachment.

We and the team of the Filderhalle hope to not cause any inconvenience. Together we discussed numerous options. Especcially Mr Jakoby, the CEO of the Filderhalle explored various options that might let us keep the initial date of the show. But none of these option would have provided us sufficient planning security for our fossil event in 2020. We had even considered to relocate the show to a other location. But we don’t want to miss the experience and the professional environment of the Filderhalle. In addition, the Filderhalle offers a excellent traffic accessibility and sufficient parking space.

The decision to change the date of the “Fossilien Boerse”, the Show for fossils was not easy for us. Nevertheless, we consider it the best solution to postpone the event by one week. Better to plan now early ahead than be sorry in short before the event. Right now everybody has a good chance to plan and adjust accordantly. So we are sure that will have our trade fair for fossils smoothly and easy as usual.

Are the fossil show vouchers and discount coupons are still valid ?

Of course, all vouchers remain valid for the reduced entry fee. Just the date of Fossils show has chanced. So you can redeem your discount even if you got a fossil show flyer with the old date on it.

We think that changed date of the fair is the best solution here. We look forward to a wonderful fossil event on 04. – 05.4.2020 in the premises of the Fildehalle in Leinfelden Echterdingen.

The “Fossilien Boerse” Fossil show is the event for fossil collectors and those interested in palaeontology and the history of life. Therefore, we want to announce the fair date as soon as possible.

Official Statement for now Date of the Fossilshow 2020

The Fossil Show “Fossilien-Boerse” in the Newspaper.

A press release of the Fossil Show 2019 called “Fossilien-Boerse”.

About the Fossil show in the newspaper “Esslinger Zeitung”
Front page of the newspaper about the Fossil Show.

The local newspaper “Esslinger Zeitung” reports on the Fossil Show.

On Monday the 8th April the newspaper printed a article about the event.
The report features the show from a various points of view. Like from the collectors and visitors of the show but also from the sellers perspective.
But also with Sönke simmonsen for the Steinkern.de Community along with a short interview with Dr. Günter Schweigert from the museum for national history in Stuttgart.
About the scientific importance of the collectors of fossils and hobby palaeontologists.

Main article in newspaper “Esslinger Zeitung” about the Fossil show 2019
Article about the Fossil Show “Fossilien-Boerse” in the news.

Kerstin Dannath from the “Esslinger Zeitung “ interviewed with experienced routine and took carefully notes.
As photographer for the paper made Mr. Bulgarin many pictures of the show of fossils. As the German title
Die Steine lassen einen nicht mehr los“ ( „The Stones / Fossils will get hold on you“ )
suggests is this article about the fascination of earth history and the evolution of life that can be experienced on this happening.

At this point we wish to thank the “Esslinger Zeitung” twice:
Fist of all we thank for the beautiful article, and second for the permission to share it here. Our congratulations to the daily readers of the newspaper, you profit from skilled and patient journalism.

This article is also available on line under : www.esslinger-zeitung.de