Fossil Show 2022, no date for “Fossilien Boerse”

First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you, above all, a healthy and successful and a fossil rich year 2022.
We hope that this year more mineral and fossil fairs will be possible again.
It’s about time we all can met again!
Therefore we would de delighted to announce a date for the next exhibition only for fossils.
But at this point we don’t have a date for the Fossil Show 2022.
We are mostly on the same point as last year.

Next Date of the fossil show 2022:

fossil show 2022 date uncertain

At normal times, preparations for this great fossil event would be in full swing.
Unfortunately we aren’t in normal times, yet.
The prevailing situation of the Pandemic impacts the confidence of planning for virtually any public event. The entire events industry has been in a constant state of emergency since the beginning of the pandemic.
To our regret, we are currently unable to reliably set a date for the 2022 fossil show.

In addition, there is no venue for the Fossil Show 2022.

Since 1995, the Filderhalle in Leinfelden-Echterdingen has been the venue for the show only for fossils. At that time it was known as “Petrefekta”, A show for fossils only, that was unique in Europe.
Since 2015, fossil collectors as well as hobby and professional palaeontologists have met at the “Fossilien Börse” in the Filderhalle as well.

The Filderhalle had to noticeably adjust there conditions during Pandamic situation and due there restructuring of the location as well.
These conditions would have resulted in a multiplication of all our prices.
From our point of view, this cost structure would not be compatible with the character and charm of the Fossil show as a culture and collector’s exchange fair.

At this point we would like to warmly thank the Filderhalle and the city of Leinfelden-Echterdingen for more than a quarter of a century of good cooperation. We enjoyed the time that we worked together to make the Fossilien Boerse what it is today.

The future of the Fossilien Boerse event:

We hope to be able to and to be allowed to organize a fossil sales show in during this year.
At the moment, an appointment later in the year seems to promise the most success with regard to hygiene concepts, infection protection requirements and the permissible number of participants.
Fossils as witnesses of evolution show us that change also goes hand in hand with improvement, so we are currently planning how the new fossil show “Fossilien Börse” will look like.

We will keep you informed about the development at this point.