Review Fossil Show 2023 “Fossilien Boerse”

This is a short illustrated review of the Fossil show 2023.

Main entrance of the Fossil Show 2023 (known as Fossilien-Boerse) at the Kubino.

The Fossil show known as “Fossilien-Boerse” 2023 took place for the first time at Kubino Ostfildern after the pandemic break. Thanks to the professional hall team of the Kubino and the event technicians of b&b eventtechnik, the preparations for the fair were quickly completed. Thus, there was nothing standing in the way of the early build up for the fossil exhibitors. The construction went smoothly and quickly. On Saturday morning there was a large crowd of visitors. The afternoon was more contemplative. On Sunday, many visitors also took advantage of the opportunity to visit the fair again free of charge with a previous day’s ticket. The Sunday afternoon was also rather sparsely visited this year. This is certainly due to the Pentecost weekend and the wonderful weather. And as the Pentecost holidays are traditionally used for outdoor activity’s that was kind of expected. The feedback from the visitors was extremely positive. The feedback from the exhibitors was also overwhelmingly very positive. Of course, there are also points that we want to improve and optimize next year. After all, it is a new event location with its own special features. The Fossil Fair 2023 was a very successful restart, the traditional fair for fossils.

Here you will find the list of exhibitors of the Fossil Exchange 2023.

And we are already looking forward to the next fossil fair on 13 – 14.04 2024.