14th Archaeopteryx on the Fossil show “Fossilien-Börse 2017”

Sensation: The 14th specimen primitive Bird fossil Archaeopteryx from Solnhofan was sold  last Weekend on the Fossil Show “Fossilien Boerse  2017”

A Rare fossil of the species Archaeopteryx lithographica was sold at the Fossil show in Leinfelden Echterdingen near Stuttgart. It is the 14th find of its kind ever. It is better known as a primitive bird and as an icon of evolutionary theory. Since 1860 this is the 14th find of Archeopteryx ever. After the first find of the spring from the year 1860 as well as the first skeletal finds the “Londoner specimen” in 1861 this find was made just this winter 2016. It was already been sold on 26.03.2017 at the Fossilien-Börse.

Solnhofen Plate Archaeopteryx nr. 14 the 14th specimen of Archaeopteryx lithographica from Solnhofen

Even the fossil is only an incomplete skeletal fossil. That has no head and shows also no father imprints. It is doubtless a  sensation and a star hour of palaeontology. From the leading Solnhofen and Dinosaur experts this piece is lovingly called “Half Roasted Chicken”. Since it is an incomplete skeletal find that shows roughly 50% on the animal. Unfortunately the opposite side is not found. Also the name “Fossil Show Archaeopteryx ” is currently in use for this fossil. The finder Mr. S. Claus found this fossil during a walk in December last year as a isolated plate. Therefore, unfortunately, the opposite side and the connecting pieces are missing. Due to the importance of this find, an emergency excavation and search is currently under way in the lithographic limestone quarry. However, what is surplus in fossil substance will enable the research for the coming years to provide unprecedented insights into the way of life of the primitive birds from Solnhofen. In the region of the cervical vertebra, some Araucariae scales are preserved. This could be a first indication of an at least partially vegetarian diet of  Archeopteryx. Whether the Jurassic chicken  was interested ih the Araucaria seeds or insects hidden in the pin shed is still unclear. There is still a need for research in all cases.   The handover took place in the best tradition of the fossil show in underground car park. From one trunk to another. Many large and small fossil sensations have already changed their owners here . We wish a nice April 1st.