Free give away for visitors of the Fossil Show and chance to win.

Be a winner on the Fossilien Boerse, the show for Fossils.

With a little luck you can win this year of the show for fossils near Stuttgart just with your entrance ticket. You can find out if you are a winner directly on the show at the booth of the FSB Shop of Olaf Schwitalla with your ticket number.

Be a winner on the Fossil Show with the FSB Shop

On the table of the FSB Shop you find everything you need for the collecting of fossils.
From field equipment for the collecting and extracting of fossils over preparation tools and chemical aids for the fossil preparation such as Akemi stone glue or Rember fluat. You can get also aids for the presentation and organisation of your fossil finds.
You get here everything to collect your own fossils.

Get a free copy of the Fossil Journal “Fossilien – Erdgeschichte erleben” on the Fossil show 2018.

The first visitors of the Fossil show can receive a free example of the German Fossil Journal “FOSSILIEN – Erdgeschichte erleben”.

For the last 34 years, every two months, this magazine has produced interesting and up-to-date topics on paleontology and evolution as well as on fossils, landscapes, geology and rocks.

At the Fossilienbörse 2018, the first visitors will receive a free trial copy of the current edition 1/2018. (While stocks last)

Cover of the magazine "FOSSILIEN - Erdgeschichte erleben"

Further information about the german fossil magazine can be found on the homepage of the magazine “FOSSILIEN – Erdgeschichte erleben”