Have your fossils book signed by the author.

This year you have the chance to have servile fossils books signed directly and personally by the author. Just at the same event.

Fossiles du Maroc – Fossils from Morocco Part 1

This year also the French fossil magazine “Fossiles” is represented at the Fossils show. Therefore, you can have your copy of “Fossils du Maroc – Fossils from Morocco” signed personally from the author.

Fossiles du Maroc - Fossils from Morocco von Patrice Lebrun, 2018
Fossils du Maroc – Fossils from Morocco
by Patrice Lebrun, 2018

„Fossiles du Maroc – Fossils from Morocco” is a fantastic introduction to the Palaeozoic of Anti-Atlas region of Morocco. On 304 pages with way more than 900 pictures featuring the many of the classical and some exotic Palaeozoic species from south morocco. This massive book is 1 first part it covers the Cambrian, Ordovician briefly the Silurian and of course the famous Devonian of south morocco. Even the carboniferous shortly been descried.
This book compiles a huge amount of primarily scientific publications. Since it also include extensive references to the primary literature. Therefore this book can easily also serve as a start point for serious research. Fossiles du Maroc – Fossils from Morocco is completely bilingual in English and French.

The chief editor and author Patrice Lebrun is looking forward to your visit on the Fossil Show. Of course, you can also buy this book directly on the show. As long the stocks last. But also the fantastic magazine itself will be available as well.

Trilobites of the British Isles

If you are interested in trilobites you should know “Trilobites of the British Isles” by Robert Kennedy and Sinclair Stammers.
On 384 pages and hundreds of high-resolution, this book introduces you to the diversity of the trilobite fauna of the British Isles.

Trilobites of the British Isles by Robert Kennedy & Sinclair Stammers, 2018

Since Dr. Kennedy is also represented on the Fossils show, you can have your copy signed directly.

Trilobites of the World

Also all about trilobites is “Trilobites of the World” by Pete Lawrance & Sinclair Stammers. Amzing 416 pages with more than 1000 first-class illustrations show the variety of trilobites worldwide.

Trilobites of the World by Pete Lawrance & Sinclair Stammers, 2004

Also Pete Lawrance is represented at the “Fossilien Boerse” and therefore you have the chance to let your copy be signed.

Ether if you bring your own book form home or you buy a copy directly on the show.