The Fossil Show Magazine 2019

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Fossil Show Magazine 2019 - Cover

The Fossil Show Magazine is also this year free for all visitors of the event. Its known as “Fossilien Börsenmagazin” and 2019 it is the 3rd issue.

On 52 pages this compact brochure features 10 articles about fossils. Together with the table plan and the exhibitor directory of this years Fossil show.  The fossil articles are in German or English. And cover difftent topics about fossil collecting and famous fossil sites. Also about  the preparation of fossils and featuring the paleontological exhibition at the Museum for National History in Mainz. A short field reports and more. The show is compact, informative and entraining.  On this year of the Fossilien Boerse one specimen featured in a article on exhibit. So that visitors of the show can examine its pristine quality live in nature.

Table of content of the Fossi Show Magazine 2019 “Fossilien Börsenmagazin”:

  • Andries Weug, Präparation eines Asaphus cornutus aus dem Geschiebe – page 4
  • Patrice Lebrun, Fossils from Morocco. (eng.) – page 10
  • Unlich Münder, Paläozoische Cephalopoden aus Schweden. page 14
  • Byron Blessed, Tucson Fossil and Mineral Showcase 2019 (eng.) – page 16
  • Olaf Schwitalla, Die Sandstahltechnik – page 19
  • Exhibitor directory 2019 – page 26
  • Klaus Bartl & Heiko Sonntag, About an Odontopleurid Trilobite from the upper Ordovician of Sweden (eng.) – page 36
  • Andy Secher, Trilobites of the Rochester Shale (eng.) – page 38
  • Dr. Angelika Hesse, Das Naturhistorische Museum Mainz und die neue Ausstellung zur Erdgeschichte von Rheinland-Pfalz – page 42
  • Richie Kurkewicz, Field Trip – An unexpected meeting in the middle of nowhere (eng.) – page 46
  • Udo Resch, Überarbeitung und Restauration eines Gyrodus aus Langenaltheim – page 48
  • Preview on the Fossil Show 2020 | imprint – page 51