The Fossil Show “Fossilien-Boerse” in the Newspaper.

A press release of the Fossil Show 2019 called “Fossilien-Boerse”.

About the Fossil show in the newspaper “Esslinger Zeitung”
Front page of the newspaper about the Fossil Show.

The local newspaper “Esslinger Zeitung” reports on the Fossil Show.

On Monday the 8th April the newspaper printed a article about the event.
The report features the show from a various points of view. Like from the collectors and visitors of the show but also from the sellers perspective.
But also with Sönke simmonsen for the Community along with a short interview with Dr. Günter Schweigert from the museum for national history in Stuttgart.
About the scientific importance of the collectors of fossils and hobby palaeontologists.

Main article in newspaper “Esslinger Zeitung” about the Fossil show 2019
Article about the Fossil Show “Fossilien-Boerse” in the news.

Kerstin Dannath from the “Esslinger Zeitung “ interviewed with experienced routine and took carefully notes.
As photographer for the paper made Mr. Bulgarin many pictures of the show of fossils. As the German title
Die Steine lassen einen nicht mehr los“ ( „The Stones / Fossils will get hold on you“ )
suggests is this article about the fascination of earth history and the evolution of life that can be experienced on this happening.

At this point we wish to thank the “Esslinger Zeitung” twice:
Fist of all we thank for the beautiful article, and second for the permission to share it here. Our congratulations to the daily readers of the newspaper, you profit from skilled and patient journalism.

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